The cop/firefighter allegedly coerced a teenage subordinate to Ghislaine for him

Photo by Marc Kleen on Unsplash

First things first, his police and legal status:


We were made aware on Monday, February 1 [2021] by the West Virginia State Police that part-time Officer Chris Osborne was under criminal investigation. Pursuant with our policies, Mr. Osborne was immediately issued a letter of suspension pending the outcome of…

Please stand up in real life or shut up — yes, gay men, I’m talking to you

Photo of male privilege pricing, courtesy of the author

My dear gay friend from the health club, let’s call him Matt. I do love him, and I’m not mad at him. He’s not a political guy. His husband watches MSNBC. But Matt goes to the gym partially to not have to hear about it. So I try to mostly…

“A woman is a woman regardless of her age”

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Just when you thought the Cuomo scumbaggery couldn’t get any more blatant or horrifying, we get this behind-the-scenes look at the bros-before-hos squad.


[John] Griffin used messaging apps Kik and Google Hangouts to communicate with parents of underage girls and…

“Something about this case has caused his honor to act in a way I’ve never known him to act before” — Survivor’s attorney

The “Lewiston party [serial rape] house” where Chris Belter lives

For international readers who are wondering where to get good, in-depth US news coverage that is both fierce and reliable, Democracy Now! has been a tremendous source…

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