Could we possibly untangle racism and rape culture?

Police officer questioning a stopped motorist, incidentally with his car pulled over in front of a large ship “Hinch Spirit” and lovely cliffs in the background

This is a complicated story, about sexual violence and racial disparities. Both the rape and the racism appear very real here. It feels strange to discuss the ethnicity of everyone herein. …

Is Dallas America’s Most Dystopian Fire Service?

Back end of an ambulance parked on a scene, showing the EMS logo with the caduceus

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dallas’ Brad Cox has been a firefighter for 19 years and a professional MMA fighter for 14 years. It doesn’t say what year he became such a huge asshole.

The 2019 Incident with Kyle Vess

In the disturbing video above, a homeless person…

Francois V. committed suicide rather than give DNA about the grisly rape/murders from the 1980s and 90s

A spoonful of pills with others scattered below

There are so many violent psychos running amok on women and children around the world that even when we give them cool nicknames they still mostly work with impunity.

There was a French…

This author has experience with receiving threatening, harassing texts from a public safety coworker

Head shot of Arkansas State Trooper Mark Holland in dress uniform

TL;DR: For three years State Trooper Mark Holland, pictured above, stalked and terrorized a much younger, married mother of three small children. Skylar Galloway worked at a gas station owned by Holland’s family. When she left…

Once again Polk County, Florida is not the right place for pedophiles

The below video is hard to watch. The PCSO’s web site has a complete breakdown of everyone who was charged, including the minors. I’ll give a summary below.


  • 3 children were rescued from sexual abuse as a result…

The accused is out on bond, still serving as the district attorney

A close-up pair of handcuffs atop a sheet of fingerprints

Republican Jeffrey Lynn Thomas, District Attorney for Somerset County, Pennsylvania, is out on $5,000 bond after being charged with rape, strangulation, and trespassing after allegedly barging into a work acquaintance’s home, refusing to leave, and raping her.


Oklahoma dad came, saw, conquered.

Mug shot of white man in his 30s with severe injuries to nose, eye, and forehead

33-Year-Old Michael Eric Coghill pictured above, has been charged with forcible fondling and lewd or indecent proposals or acts on a child.

Honestly if you’d asked me to guess which state would make me the happiest in my old age as a rape survivor, I’d…

The Florida teen was apparently kidnapped, and her coworker has died by suicide.

This is a truly tragic story that I am afraid will not end well. If you’re in this part of Florida and can be of any assistance, please do.

The Facts

19-year-old Miya Marcano worked and lived at the…

Another day, another Holtzclaw

Dirty police cruiser on city street at sundown

In January 2020 former Prince George County Police Officer Martique Cabral Vanderpool was indicted by a grand jury. They charged him with a plethora of felonies including first-degree rape, stemming from a September 6, 2019 traffic stop.

From Newsweek:

The indictment alleges that Vanderpool deprived the…

What a white guy can do under color of authority and serve less than 5 years in prison

Okay, the Chad Salsman case has a very high squick factor. It’s Daniel Holtzclaw all over again, except this time (a) he’s not a patrol cop but the District Attorney, an elected…

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